🀝Enrich Staking Upto 150% APY

Enrich decentralized staking app is a platform that allows users to stake their cryptocurrency in order to earn rewards. The app is built on a blockchain, which means that it is decentralized and transparent. Users can stake their cryptocurrency by sending it to the app’s smart contract, which then holds the funds and distributes rewards to stakers based on the rules of the app.

We chose to build our staking app on the Binance Smart Chain because it offers fast transaction times and low transaction fees, which make it an attractive platform for staking. Additionally, the Binance Smart Chain is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which means that developers can use familiar tools and languages to build decentralized applications.

We take security very seriously, and have implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of our users’ funds. Our smart contract has been audited by a reputable third-party auditing firm to ensure that it is free of vulnerabilities. We also use multi-signature wallets to store our users’ funds, which requires multiple parties to sign off on transactions before they can be executed. Finally, we have implemented strict access controls to prevent unauthorized access to our servers and databases.

checkout the website - apy.enrichpro.net

For example if u stake 10000 Enrich tokens

If you choose have

A) 45days - 24% APY - 296 + 10000 tokens u will get in 45 days

B) 90days - 48% APY - 1183 + 10000 tokens u will get in 90 days

C) 180days - 72% APY-3550 + 10000 tokens u will get in 180 days

D) 365days - 120% APY - 12000 + 10000 tokens u will get in 365 days

E) 500days - 144% APY - 19726 + 10000 tokens u will get in 500 days

F) 730days - 150% APY - 30000 + 10000 tokens u will get in 730 days

REFERRAL SYSTEM -7.25% Level 1 - 3% Level 2 -2% Level 3 -1% Level 4 - 0.75% Level 5 - 0.50%

Note: Unstake before tenure - 25% tax

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